"Eric Schurm has been working for me since 1999, when he and his team helped me build the Nantucket Tennis and Swim Club (now owned by the Great Harbor Yacht Club). Without Eric and his team we would not have opened on time. Not only did he complete the landscaping ahead of schedule and under budget, he assisted the tennis court and pool companies, and site cleaned the property. He now landscapes my family’s 3 houses on Nantucket and is very reliable. While driving by this winter, Eric noticed that my door had blown off the hinges. He immediately went and closed and secured the door. I highly recommend him for all of your landscaping needs."
Gary D'Ambra, Owner of D'Ambra Real Estate.

"Eric Schurm's landscape company has provided a number of services over a 17 year period including a complete landscape plan for our new house built 8 years ago. This project included extensive landfill, terraces, railroad tie walls, stone walls, and a large patio stone terrace, as well as moving back 20 bushes and trees taken off the property, planted and then replanted per design with his tree spade. All of the projects were within our budget figure as he had discussed and presented. I have enjoyed having his employees on the job and they have been instructed and trained for the jobs. I believe a customer would be pleased with the results of a project."
Webster Ray, Retired Businessman, Steel Company Owner, Furniture Company, and Building Company.

"Having seen all the trades over the last quarter century, we've come to understand that there are many different levels of quality delivered. Mr. Schurm's crew has always given the most professional results at very reasonable prices. Safe to say that anything to do with landscaping they can handle with full confidence."
Mark Hart, Owner of Hart Construction.

Nantucket Trees has been maintaining my property for the past 7 years. They installed my lawn, cut down trees, planted trees and fertalized my grass. They are dependable and have gone out of their way to make me happy. They do a great job cutting my grass each week and have reasonable prices for the island.
- Malcolm Brooks

I am writing you this letter to strongly recommend Eric Schurm. He has provided gardening services to my home at 17 Pine St. for the past 11 years. His services go way beyond routine gardening and landscaping, as I will explain in this letter.

First of all, Eric Schurm is usually instantly accessible by telephone. He answers all the calls personally, and is very cheerful about it- I might add. He does not hide from his costumers. So many other landscapers and service company owners are not nearly so accessible, and that can be very frustrating. Eric has become very successful on Nantucket by giving excellent service to his customers, and by bing totally trustworthy in his pricing. His bills are very transparent and totally make sense. He is very straightforward to deal with. I believe he has about 15 people who work for him. Eric has done just about everything for me – way beyond gardening, lawn cutting etc. For example, this past year h painted the interior of the house. (Ground level and 2nd floor.) When I had renters who complained there were not enough beach towels, Eric had new beach towels delivered to the house in about an hour. When an annoying big mound developed in my driveway, Eric was able to fix the problem with professional masonry work. When I needed garbage to be thrown away, because we were outside of the scheduled rubbish removal – Eric had someone take care of that right away. Eric’s men picked up and installed a new washing machine. I literally can go on and on with the many different things Eric has done for me. He can perform almost any type of handyman, or almost any type of service you would need at the house. Eric did not solicit these jobs from me. I hired Eric to take care of the property (mowing, fertilizer, mulch, hedge trimming, flowers etc.). However, I know Eric is a full time resident with a long history on Nantucket. So when I have a problem, I ask Eric if he can help me out. He frequently can. Responding immediately in an emergency is his specialty.

I know Eric also has access to heavy equipment and performs quite a bit of tree removal, etc. So he is fully capable of big landscaping jobs. I would trust Eric with the biggest of jobs. He is also happy to do the smallest of jobs. His philosophy is make the customer happy, be fair and perform good service. This is his formula for success and I fully admire him for it.

Eric is very interesting and friendly. In the winter, he travels to interesting destinations and is an avid skier, hiker, and outdoorsman. You would do yourselves a big favor by hiring Eric to do the gardening, etc. at 17 Pine St. and developing a relationship with him. I give him my highest recommendation.

- Sincerely, Ronald Meltzer